Authors Title
Session 36 (09:00-10:00)
Coalition Formation
Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli, Michele Flammini, Mordechai Shalom, Shmuel Zaks Online Coalition Structure Generation in Graph Games
Emir Demirovic, Nicolas Schwind, Tenda Okimoto, Katsumi Inoue Recoverable Team Formation: Building Teams Resilient to Change
Fahad Panolan, Sushmita Gupta, Saket Saurabh, Meirav Zehavi Stability in Barter Exchange Markets
Session 37 (09:00-10:00)
Learning And Adaptation 4
Xinlei pan, Yilin Shen Human-Interactive Subgoal Supervision for Efficient Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Zhang-Wei Hong, Shih-Yang Su, Tzu-Yun Shann, Yi-Hsiang Chang, Chun-Yi Lee A Deep Policy Inference Q-Network for Multi-Agent Systems
Pol Rosello, Mykel Kochenderfer Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Object Tracking
Session 38 (09:00-10:00)
Engineering And Applications Of Multiagent Systems
Ferdinando Fioretto, Chansoo Lee, Pascal Van Hentenryck Constrained-Based Differential Privacy for Mobility Services
Bryan Wilder, Laura Onasch-Vera,Juliana Hudson, Jose Luna, Nicole Wilson, Robin Petering, Darlene Woo, Milind Tambe, Eric Rice End-to-End Influence Maximization in the Field
Amulya Yadav, Ritesh Noothigattu, Eric Rice,Laura Onasch-Vera,Leandro Soriano Marcolino,Milind Tambe Please be an Influencer? Contingency-Aware Influence Maximization
Session 39 (09:00-10:00)
Logic For Multiagent Systems 2
Bita Banihashemi, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lesperance Hierarchical Agent Supervision
Dario Della Monica, Aniello Murano Parity-energy ATL for qualitative and quantitative reasoning in MAS
Jieting Luo,Max Knobbout, John-Jules Meyer Eliminating Opportunism using an Epistemic Mechanism
Session 40 (09:00-10:00)
Human And Agent Interaction
Tiep Le, Atena MTabakhi, Long Tran-Thanh, William Yeoh, Tran Cao Son Preference Elicitation with Interdependency and User Bother Cost
David Sarne, Nadav Lisovtsev Modeling Assistant's Autonomy Constraints as a Means for Improving Autonomous Assistant-Agent Design
Luisa Zintgraf, Diederik Roijers, Sjoerd Linders, Catholijn Jonker, Ann Nowe Ordered Preference Elicitation Strategies for Supporting Multi-Objective Decision Making
Session 41 (09:00-10:00)
Trust And Reputation
Dan Amir, Ofra Amir HIGHLIGHTS: Summarizing Agent Behavior to People
David Pynadath, Ning Wang, Ericka Rovira, Michael J. Barnes Clustering Behavior to Recognize Subjective Beliefs in Human-Agent Teams
Abir De, Sourangshu Bhattacharya, Niloy Ganguly Shaping Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks
Session 42 (10:30-11:50)
Auction And Mechanism Design 4
Qingpeng Cai, Pingzhong Tang, Yulong Zeng Ranking mechanism design for price-setting agents in e-commerce
Yulong Zeng, Pingzhong Tang, Weiran Shen Buyer-optimal distribution
ZUN LI, Zhenzhe Zheng, Fan Wu, Guihai Chen On Designing Optimal Data Purchasing Strategies for Online Ad Auctions
Weiran Shen, Pingzhong Tang, Yulong Zeng A Closed-Form Characterization of Buyer Signaling Schemes in Monopoly Pricing
Session 43 (10:30-11:50)
Social Choice Theory 3
Enrico Malizia More complexity results about reasoning over CP-nets
Dominik Peters Proportionality and Strategyproofness in Multiwinner Elections
Zack Fitzsimmons, Edith Hemaspaandra High-Multiplicity Election Problems
Cynthia Maushagen, Marc Neveling, Jorg Rothe, Ann-Kathrin Selker Complexity of Shift Bribery in Iterative Elections
Session 44 (10:30-11:50)
Agent Cooperation 2
Luca Becchetti, Vincenzo Bonifaci, Emanuele Natale Pooling or Sampling: Collective Dynamics for Electrical Flow Estimation
Md. Mosaddek Khan, Long Tran-Thanh, Nick Jennings A Generic Domain Pruning Technique for GDL-based DCOP algorithms in Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems
Md. Mosaddek Khan, Long Tran-Thanh, William Yeoh, Nick Jennings A Near-Optimal Node-to-Agent Mapping Heuristic for GDL-based DCOP Algorithms in Multi-Agent Systems
Lily Hu,Bryan Wilder, Amulya Yadav, Eric Rice, Milind Tambe Activating the "Breakfast Club": Modeling Influence Spread in Natural-World Social Networks
Session 45 (10:30-11:50)
Agent-Based Simulation 3
Meghendra Singh, Achla Marathe, Samarth Swarup, Madhav Marathe Behavior Model Calibration for Epidemic Simulations
S. S. Ravi, Daniel Rosenkrantz, Madhav Marathe, Richard Stearns Testing Phase Space Properties of Synchronous Dynamical Systems with Nested Canalyzing Local Functions
Daniel Y. Fu, Emily S. Wang, Peter Krafft, Barbara Grosz Influencing Flock Formation in Low-Density Settings
F. Jordan Srour, Neil Yorke-Smith On Collusion and Coercion: Agent Interconnectedness and In-Group Behaviour
Session 46 (10:30-11:50)
Socially Interactive Agents 3
Joana Campos, James Kennedy, Jill Fain Lehman Challenges in Exploiting Conversational Memory in Human-Agent Interaction
Samuel Spaulding, Huili Chen, Safinah Ali, Michael Kulinski, Cynthia Breazeal A Social Robot System for Modeling Children's Word Pronunciation
Brian Ravenet, Chloe Clavel, Catherine Pelachaud Automatic Nonverbal Behavior Generation from Image Schemas
Shivashankar Halan, Benjamin Lok, Isaac Sia, Anna Miles, Michael Crary Engineering Social Agent Creation into an Opportunity for Interviewing and Interpersonal Skills Training
Session 47 (10:30-11:50)
Robotics: Planning
Daniel Bebler, Mihai Pomarlan, Michael Beetz OWL-enabled Assembly Planning for Robotic Agents
Alberto Quattrini Li, Raffaele Fioratto, Francesco Amigoni, Volkan Isler A Search-Based Approach to Solve Pursuit-Evasion Games with Limited Visibility in Polygonal Environments
Anoop Aroor, Susan Epstein, Raj Korpan Online Learning for Crowd-sensitive Path Planning
Julia Ebert, Melvin Gauci, Radhika Nagpal Multi-Feature Collective Decision Making in Robot Swarms